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The Premium Toolkit launched last year as the profession was battling to get to grips with the foundations of Companies Act 2014. Now one year on, we are getting into the practical nuances of the implementation. This is exposing an entire new wave of pitfalls and possibilities for your clients.

With the 2.0 upgrade you can ensure that you can provide proactive answers and solutions for your clients.

What do you get for your annual subscription to The Premium Toolkit?


  • Access to our 25 Part Guide to Companies Act 2014
  • Access to our revised, one year on, Part by Part video guide to the Companies Act
  • Access to our deep-dive detailed analysis videos of the most pertinent and problematic parts of the Act
  • Access to our full suite of FRS 102 and CA 14 Financial Statements, as well as our commentary on the key elements of each Financial Statement
  • New templates and precedents for the most commonly requested transactions and events including (to name but a few):-
    • Approval of loans in accordance with S.236 & S.237 S.11 of and FRS 102
    • Template Summary Approval Procedures
    • Corporate Restructurings under CA 2014
  • Template meeting minutes, communications, resolutions and agreements
  • Access to our searchable FAQ Section
  • Office-hours online support
  • Priority query service

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Additional Bonuses


1. Video Footage from The Companies Act Conference 2016 (value €138)

First of all members are going to get video recordings of the individual sessions from our annual Companies Act Conference.

2. Video Recording of Bootcamp Webinar Series (value €138)

And if that wasn’t enough, we are also going to give you access to the recordings from our 6 X 75 minute Company Law Bootcamp Webinars.

Companies Act 2014 Premium Toolkit Registration