Technically under Company Law, it is lost, however, the CRO continue to ignore this and still allow audit exemption (by concession). The CRO will confirm this for your client over the phone so you should be ok assuming there is no change in the CRO thinking in the future.

Question Client supermarket company has a detailed credit agreement with AIB Bank plc covering the following: > €25K overdraft facility – chargeable at normal OD interest rates > €8.5K AIB bond issued to Premier Lotteries Ltd chargeable at 2% p.a > €2K AIB bond issued to EM News Distribution Ltd. chargeable at 2% p.a > […]

means – (a) a public limited company; (b) a designated activity company; c) a company limited by guarantee; or (d) a public unlimited company or a public unlimited company that has no share capital; that in the case of a public limited company has shares or debentures, or in the case of any of the […]