Companies Limited by Guarantee Conversions

Letting Them Know What Their Conversion Requirements Are

As you know Companies Limited by Guarantee need to go through a conversion process. This week we have created letters that you can send to your clients setting out the conversion process, their requirements and the options open to them.

Here are the letters for you to download and edit and use as you see fit.

Client Marketing Letters for Accountants

Some accountants are doing this conversion option themselves, however many accountants are choosing to outsource the conversion process on the basis that they either do not have the resources in the office to do the work, or that this is not something they do every day, so outsourcing is a better option from a risk management perspective. If you have any urgent questions about Conversions or if you want any help with your conversions contact our Conversion Team (David, Anne, Alison or Meghan) on 053 91 00000 and we can take this off your desk for you.

With the November deadline fast approaching, and in order to make sure that we get everyone’s conversions done for them, we have set a deadline of 30th of September 2016 to start the conversion process on behalf of accountancy practices. If you want help with your conversions make sure to contact us before the end of the month.