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The Companies Act 2014 is the single biggest piece of legislation enacted in the history of the state. The commencement of the Act on the 1st of June brings over 15 years of consultation, preparation and work to a conclusion. This significant change impacts directly on professional advisors, SME companies and their directors.

With change like this comes significant challenge, but we believe the act presents an opportunity for accountants to consolidate their position as The Trusted Advisors to Irish SMEs.



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Guides and Helpsheets

We have disseminated the 1,448 Sections of The Companies Act 2014 and produced overview guides and practical helpsheets to get you up to speed and down to work straight away. Your clients are going to have questions and business isn’t going to stand still. We have done the hard work so you don’t have to.


Video Guides on Key Issues

The Companies Act 2014 presents a range of practical implementation issues for Accountants and Advisors. We have taken 25 of the most pertinent issues and developed tutorial videos for each outlining the challenges, opportunities, pitfalls and the necessary course of action for Directors and Shareholders

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